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Welcome to South Bay Beauty! 


Gigi is your personal private Master Level Esthetician, with over a decade of experience in the medical field. South Bay Beauty is proudly a "Needle-Free" Skin Care Studio. There are no injections, cutting, burning, numbing or freezing. Safe skin care technology and an experienced Esthetician is all you need at SBB.


Your scheduled appointment is always a personal, special one-on-one engagement with Gigi - no other staff, reception desk, or overlap of clients. A unique personal experience, in a safe and spacious environment.


All treatment appointments include complimentary skin consultation and assessment. You may also schedule a 20 minute complimentary consultation with no obligation. 


Gigi has professional-level and exclusive skin care products for the entire family. Schedule a "Shopping Experience" for your private one-on-one skin analysis and product recommendations. 

Professional products for professional results, at home!


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Gift Certificates available!


"I believe professional skin care is both essential and rewarding. Your skin is your body's largest organ, and a first line of defense, protecting your insides from the outside elements. Healthy skin can help defy the signs of aging, allows the skin to heal faster and may even fend off potential disease.

Browse the treatment menu, or simply book a complimentary 20 minute consultation. You are an individual with unique concerns. You deserve the best."

-Gigi, Master Level Licensed Esthetician 

A trusted member of South Bay's medical community since 1996

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