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This deep penetrating mask has been specially designed to speed up the skin clearing process, while calming irritated skin. Try it overnight for best results! This product is paraben free and does not contain any chemical colorants.

Action Ingredients:

• Tea Tree Oil -A naturally occurring essential oil which helps to fight and control bacteria.
• Camphor- This natural skin coolant aids in desensitizing and calming acneic skin.
• Willow Bark Extract – Nature’s own acne fighter which helps fight inflammation and helps to decongest clogged pores and clear up blemishes.

For Best Results: Cleanse face with an appropriate blemish cleanser, pat dry. Apply Spot on Zinc and Sulfur Mask directly on affected area (breakouts) to help dry excess oil. Allow this fast acting mask to dry blemishes and speed up the course to clearer skin. The inclusion of Botanicals and extracts will calm and soothe the skin for maximum comfort.

M.A.D Spot-On Zinc and Sulfer Mask

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