B Vitamins, Minerals and Cinnamon enhance your body’s ability to create a natural flow of energy and stop Advanced Glycation End-products that build up in the skin and lead to wrinkles, decreased skin elasticity, and other occurrences commonly associated with aging.


Advanced Glycation End-products impair healthy tissue function where they accumulate and result in a host of common conditions associated with aging – wrinkles, lessened skin and muscle elasticity, deterioration of vision, impeded brain function, memory problems, and stiff joints.

(AGE) are formed in your body when sugar (glucose) binds to protein in a process called Glycation. Glycation provides energy for your body, but it can also produce gum-like waste products (AGEs) that build up in the skin, eyes, organs, brain, nerves, joints, muscles, and blood vessels.


Stop AGE and Boost Energy at the cellular level with LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric B Complex Plus.

  • 194 mg B Vitamins, Minerals and Cinnamon
  • 500 mg Non-GMO Essential Phospholipids
  • Blocks the formation of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE) that can lead to the appearance of aging skin
  • Helps your body burn fuel more efficiently
  • Delivers safe, natural, long-lasting energy
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels already in the healthy range
  • Supports weight loss

Lypo-Spheric B Complex Plus 30 ct box


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