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Intensive moisturising cream from Thalac, imported from France
As soon as it is applied, its silky texture soothes tight, uncomfortable skin. Day after day, skin is revitalised and radiant.

Suppleness and comfort are instantly restored to dry and very dry skin.

Skin types :
Dry and very dry skin

Instructions for use :
Apply HYDRA PRODIGE to the face and neck morning and/or night.


Active ingredients :
Aquaxyl: a long-lasting, restructuring and moisturising active ingredient of plant origin
Hyaluronic acid: moisturising and intensively replenishing
Moist 24: long-lasting moisturising plant active ingredient
Phylderm vegetal: nourishing and revitalising
Lotus: moisturisation and anti-age prevention
Blue-green algae extract: remineralising, energising, revitalising, nourishing and protective

Results :
Tight, uncomfortable skin soothed from the first application.
Skin moisturised and revitalised day after day. Suppleness and softness instantly restored to dry and very dry skin.

A concentration of active ingredients boosting hydration. The rich combination of moisturising and reshaping extracts (lotus, blue-green algae, hyaluronic acid, AquaxylTM, Moist 24TM) helps increase water reserves deep in the skin and reinforces its function as a protective barrier, curbing dehydration.

Thalac Hydra Prodige Cream 50ml

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