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From our "Luxury Line" Thalac,

Used daily on the face and body, Sublime Oil nourishes, restructures and protects the skin, for a radiant glow. Applied to the hair, its shine and suppleness is restored. Dry ends are tightened and frizzy hair is tamed. Shine and softness guaranteed! Delicately scented, its light, silky texture is dry to the touch and is quickly absorbed without leaving an oily film on the skin.

A pure moment of relaxation and enchantment!


Skin types : All types of skin and hair Instructions for use :


Face: each morning and/or evening. Use alone or together with a skincare treatment or foundation.

Body: This dry oil is quickly absorbed so you can get dressed immediately after application. It leaves your skin with a very natural-looking satin finish. • Apply over the entire body after your bath or shower. • For a wonderful soothing interlude, spray a few drops of Huile Sublime into the warm bathwater. • Can also be used to strengthen the nails.

Hair:  Sublime can be used on damp or dry hair leaving it soft and shiny. It can be applied over the entire length or just to the ends. • On dry hair, first spray a very small amount of Huile Sublime into the palm of your hand to spread evenly through the hair. Rub your hands together and then "comb" your hair with your fingers over the entire length, avoiding the roots. Concentrate particularly on the ends if they are dry. • To smooth frizzy hair, apply a small amount of Huile Sublime along the length of your damp hair only. • On very dry and damaged hair: apply Huile Sublime as a mask over the entire length for 15 minutes (or even all night) before washing. Rinse carefully. Result: silky frizz-free hair guaranteed!

Thalac Sublime Dry Oil

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