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Hydro Treatment Facial

Multi-step all-in-one facial treatment

SBB Hydro Treatment Facial

Our most popular treatment ! Hydro-dermabrasion is the latest in skincare technology. This multi-step process provides deep cleansing, hydration, collagen stimulation, resurfacing, extraction, and advanced serum infusion - all combined in a single treatment with no down time. Serums are based in the healing benefit of pharmaceutical grade water. Vitamin rich with antioxidants and hydrating skin conditioning ingredients. Custom add-on skin nutrition available. Customized with either silicone or diamond tip wand. Painless, and treats multiple conditions. Great for acne sufferers. Finished with an oxygen and vitamin infused gel or other customized product, tailor fit to your needs. 

Approximately 90 minutes starting @ $275

South Bay Beauty Hydro Treatment 2_edited.jpg
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