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Signature Glow Facials

For healthy glowing skin

SBB Signature Glow 

Our Signature customized facial will get your skin glowing and nourished. You will receive a therapeutic-grade deep cleansing, toning, ultrasonic resurfacing, an exfoliating collagen peel to remove dead skin, and Red L.E.D. skin rejuvenation. The SBB Glow removes impurities and excessively oily pores, leaving your skin looking and feeling refreshed and glowing. Our exclusive 'SBB RX' serum will be the finishing touch to your SBB Glow facial, for exceptional hydration and a vibrant complexion. 


This signature facial is a perfect entry-level (yet high performance) option, wonderful for any and all skin types. A complimentary professional take-home product is included with this facial.

It's time to get that satisfying & refreshed South Bay Beauty Glow!  

 Approximately 90 minutes starting @ $265

Includes a professional take-home skin care product

SBB Glassy Glow  

SBB is certified for the well renowned Glassy Glow facial treatment!
A safe and clean procedure with no downtime, and immediate, lasting results.

This miraculous treatment delivers a foundation-like appearance, with the "wow factor" result of evenly toned, silky smooth "Glassy Glow" skin. Imagine waking up with flawless daily foundation-like complexion for up to five days. This treatment also comes complete with an exclusive take-home product to continue your Glassy Glow results at home.


Treatment combines a safe yet powerful blend of tinted ingredients: Peptides, naturally derived plant oil (rich in Vitamin E), bio-organic antioxidant conditioners, and hydrating naturally based extracts - all safely and painlessly Nano-Channeled into the outermost layer of the epidermis. Free of parabens, fragrances, alcohol, and allergens.  

The SBB Glassy Glow:

  •  Boosts collagen production

  •  Firms the skin by nano stimulation and recovery

  • Evens the appearance of discolored skin

  • Brightens, and reveals radiant ѕkіn with a natural glow

  • Reduces appearance of fіnе lіnеѕ, wrіnklеѕ, and scars

  • Improves skin texture 

Approximately 90 minutes starting @ $375

Includes an exclusive take-home product 

VIP Golden Glow  Featuring Certified 24KT Gold, Caviar, Pearl and Champagne.

The all-new VIP Golden Glow - a facial treatment from France, and perfected at SBB, for an ultimate glowing skin experience! This elite multi-step facial also includes a four product take home kit ($140 value), to continue your glowing results at home.


The VIP Golden Glow :

  • Botanical deep pore cleansing with skin brightening qualities.

  • Genuine South Sea Pearls combined with Champagne extract and AHA - for removing dead skin cells and reinforcing anti-oxidant properties.

  • Luxurious Hyaluronic and Certified 24 Kt. gold serum with collagen combined with Radio Frequency technology - for firming, collagen stimulation and a youthful complexion.

  • Certified 24Kt gold leaf sheets that completely infuse into your skin, improving skin elasticity, accelerating cell renewal, reversing oxidation damage, reducing inflammation, diminishing wrinkles and providing an unmatched glowing skin result that lasts for days. Results are prolonged with your included take-home kit!


Approximately 90 minutes starting @ $400 

Includes elite four-product take-home kit

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