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South Bay Beauty Serum

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Available Excusively at South Bay Beauty. Please contact for details

Exclusive at SBB: Fresh, Hand-crafted 100% pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum, also known as my

SBB RX "Botox in a Bottle".

A client favorite, and our signature serum at SBB .

Perfect for all skin types.

Anti-Aging effects, ultimate hydration, absorbs wonderfully. Your skin will thank you!

  • Non-Comedogenic

  • Paraben-Free

  • Fragrance-Free

  • Dye-Free

  • Vegan

Bottled in studio by Master Esthetician Gigi.

Only small batches are crafted at a time, and our SBB RX serums are in high demand, so please ask in advance for availability.

$120 / bottle

​Your Fresh Hand-Blended Serum will be bottled, and ready for pick up same day or within 48 hours. Ask for details.

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