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Full facial rejuvenation

SBB 3-day Medi Peel  

This 3-day advanced Medical Grade peel, by The Perfect Derma of Beverly Hills, is the only Medi peel enhanced with Glutathione - known to neutralize free-radicals and slow the aging process. A multi-layered peel, customized to your specific skin needs. Includes a deep pre-cleanse and skip prep.


Facial rejuvenation or spot treatments can be achieved by revealing a new skin layer, with improved tone, texture, and color. Proven very effective for various blemishes, wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven pigmentation. Long lasting results! Comes with at-home text support with me, Gigi, throughout the peeling process. I'm at your service.

Approx. 90 minutes @ $300


SBB 7-day Medi Peel  

Looking for bolder results? Try the SBB 7-day Medi Peel, by The Perfect Derma of Beverly Hills - the only Medical-Grade peel enhanced with Glutathione. This peel is the most advanced and effective medical-grade, medium depth peel available - Revolutionary ingredients, and superior results! Your complimentary consultation will determine eligibility for this peel. 


Includes a deep pre-cleanse, skin prep, and comes complete with a take-home product kit.  You will also get 24-7 text support with me, Gigi, throughout the entire peeling experience. I'm at your service. ​​

Featured on TV's  "The Doctors" & "Extra", you'll be amazed at the results from our SBB 7-day Medi Peel! 

Approx. 90 minutes @ $455


SBB Blue Peel  Mild skin peel with instant results

A beautiful micro-peel specifically designed to provide rich skin smoothing results, without over stripping, and with no down-time. Perfect for all skin types, all year round. This complete facial is combined with technology driven tools, including our micro-channeling Rezenerate Nano wand and Red LED rejuvenation. A nourishing copper infused Hyaluronic masque, and my exclusive hand-crafted 100% pure Hylaluronic Serum will give you amazing instant results after just one treatment. The beautiful cobalt blue hue is naturally derived from antioxidant rich gardenia extract.

Approx. 90 minutes @ $280

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